Shopping & Supplies

For your convenience, most essentials can be bought from Marloth Park's basic shops - The Trading Post and The Bush Centre. Other basic commodity stores include a petrol station, bakery, hardware store, curio shop and liquor store.

Also visit other towns near Marloth Park, Mpumalanga:

Mpumalanga, Komatipoort  - 30 minutes (28.8km) from Marloth Park via Olifant Dr and N4
Just a stone's throw away from the Kruger Park, Crocodile Bridge Gate.

Mpumalanga, Malelane - 36 minutes (36.3km) from Marloth Park via N4
Situated on the banks of the Crocodile River, at one of the southern entrances to the Kruger Park.

Kruger National Park - Crocodile Bridge Gate

"Crocodile Bridge is the most direct access point to the game-rich south-eastern grasslands of the Park, and sighting opportunities open up very quickly after entering the Park. The game drives here are part of what is known as the "Southern Circle" which has a reputation for good lion-spotting. Several prides operate in this area, each with its own distinct hunting techniques and behaviour patterns." Click here for more information

Game Drives